"Photography, alone of the arts, seems perfected to serve the desire humans have for a moment - this very moment, to stay." - Sam Abell

Monday, July 11, 2011

It Is Well

"When darkness seems to win, we know the pain reminds this heart that this is not, this is not our home."

I don't know what it is about the hymn "It Is Well with My Soul" but lately I can't get over how powerful and releasing it is, especially knowing the background. The immense power behind faith and peace in it, is such an barrier breaking truth to our dying world. It's earthshaking and absolutely, ultimately satisfying. And, unless you've experienced it, it is not comprehend-able. It is unlike anything this fleeting, self-gaining world has to offer. The ability to let go of the things that have closed us off to people because of wounds, is the hand of God and in my mind is one of the strongest testimonies to Christ. It takes our eyes off of ourselves and into something much greater. Because we are incapable of anything by ourselves, we cannot save ourselves, we're not good enough, and deep down inside every human on this planet knows this and it's a lingering fear that causes us to turn to all sorts of corruptible things that will NEVER satisfy the hunger for something more.

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